Road Construction & Maintenance

Pavement & Surface Evaluation Ratings

Every two years, the City of New Berlin is required to submit Pavement and Surface Evaluation Ratings (PASER) to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (DOT) that represent the physical condition of our roadways per state statute 86.302(2). The PASER rating the City uses rates each roadway segment on a scale from 1 to 10 (one being the worst and 10 being the best) by taking into consideration the surface distress, structure, roughness, and drainage. The information is used by the DOT to determine the city's portion of state transportation aid and helps the City create the Five Year Rehabilitation Plan, and plan annual maintenance projects.

Construction & Maintenance Resources

This construction season, the City will be doing a mixture of reconstruction, resurfacing, and crack sealing projects. The major reconstruction projects will include:

  • 124th Street from National Avenue to Lincoln Avenue
  • Beres Road from Calhoun Road to Martin Road

Throughout the City, over 11 miles of roadways will be resurfaced. Additionally, crack sealing will be done on nearly 40 miles of roadway. These projects are anticipated to start in May 2018, and will be completed in October 2018. Project-specific scheduling updates will be posted to this page as the projects progress. 

City of New Berlin Construction Resources

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