Human Resources

Recruiting & Retaining Staff

The Human Resources (HR) Department is proud of a recruiting record that has resulted in the best team of city employees in southeastern Wisconsin. While recruiting plays a major role in the scheme of city HR, retaining very competent city staff is equally important. This is only accomplished by keeping the City of New Berlin a great place to work. Toward that end, the department:

  • Administers a benefits program that is competitive with community and area standards
  • Establishes policies and compensation covering non-represented employees
  • Promotes employee safety and wellness

Additional Responsibilities

Each city employee is very important in achieving overall city goals. Employee training plays a key role in promoting job enrichment for city employees. HR represents the mayor in resolving employee grievances and advises both the mayor and Common Council in all employee-related matters. Every effort is made to continue the city tradition of keeping New Berlin a great place to work.

Employee Values

As city employees, we are dedicated to performing in a high-quality manner. We strive to make positive contributions and to treat each other and fellow citizens with mutual respect, honor, and dignity. We believe that this philosophy, combined with hard work, will improve the quality of life for the City of New Berlin. As employees, we also believe that it is necessary to provide a positive work environment to promote teamwork and encourage each individual's creativity and innovation.

Management Principles

Every city employee is an important member of the team. This teamwork is crucial to the success of the city. Therefore, our values, integrity, and goals should never be compromised. Each city employee will strive to provide efficient and effective public service in an effort to better the city and its citizens.

Additional Information

The City of New Berlin is an equal opportunity employer and a drug-free workplace. For additional information about employment policies, please contact the Human Resources Department at 262-797-2447.