Fourth of July Commission


Meetings of the Fourth of July Commission are held as needed.

Agendas & Minutes

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Municipal Code

By-Laws (PDF)


Member Term Expiration Date
Alderman Joe Stribl, Chairman April 2019
Nancy C. Bertsch, Fourth of July Coordinator N/A
Bonnie DeHarde August 1, 2020
Mitchell Helmer August 1, 2021
Michael Mazzoni
August 1, 2022
Carol A. Nowak August 1, 2022
Nancy Perkins August 1, 2019
Richard Neureuther August 1, 2022
Sherry Ament
August 1, 2022
Marc Meyer August 1, 2021
Kathleen Young
August 1, 2021


The Fourth of July Commission arranges and conducts appropriate ceremonies, parades, programs, and fireworks displays on the Fourth of July each year to recall, restate, and affirm the basic concepts of our free American society.