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Comprehensive Planning
Planning Services is responsible for the long-term aspects of community planning. Comprehensive planning includes the master plan, zoning and subdivision ordinances, population and demographic forecasting, and land supply and development monitoring. Comprehensive planning is also responsible for most of the planning research done for the public, boards and commissions, and elected officials. For more information, please access the State of Wisconsin's comprehensive planning information.

New Berlin 2020 Comprehensive Plan
Cover and Table of Contents *
Executive Summary 
Chapter 1:   Introduction *
Chapter 2:   Issues and Opportunities *
Chapter 3:   Economic Development *
Chapter 4:   Cultural and Historic Resources *
Chapter 5:   Agricultural and Natural Resources *
Chapter 6:   Transportation *
Chapter 7:   Housing *
Chapter 8:   Wastewater and Water Distribution Utilities *
Chapter 9:   Community Facilities *
Chapter 10: Land Use Plan *
Chapter 11: Neighborhood A *
Chapter 12: Neighborhood B *
Chapter 13: Neighborhood C *
Chapter 14: Neighborhood D *
Chapter 15: Neighborhood E * 
Chapter 16: Neighborhood F
Chapter 17: Neighborhood G *
Chapter 18: Neighborhood H * 
Chapter 19: Neighborhood I *
Chapter 20: Neighborhood J *
Chapter 21: Intergovernmental Cooperation *
Chapter 22: Implementation *
A: New Berlin Document Review
B: New Berlin 2009 Business Survey Final Report
C: New Berlin Broker Interviews
D: Consumer Spending Patterns and Retail Opportunity Gaps
E: New Berlin Tax Analysis
F: Agriculture and Other Open Land Owners' Meeting Presentation, 
Focus Group Summary, and Survey Results
G: Native Plants: Design Rules and Maintenance Techniques
H: Historical Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) Volumes
I:  Waukesha County 2035 Recommended Regional Transportation
System Plan Map
J:  Environmental Corridors: Lifelines of the Natural Resource Base
K: Design Preference Survey Results
L: Traffic Impact Study for Section 35
M: Cost Estimates for the Extension of Public Utilities in
Neighborhoods G and H
N: Resolution 04-10 Mill Valley Redevelopment
O: Public Input Forms for Neighborhood J
P: Neighborhood Listening Session Comments
Q: Resolution 07-29 for Local Endorsement of the 2035 Regional
Transportation Plan
R: Public Participation Summary - South Moorland Road Corridor
Neighborhood Plan and Comprehensive Plan Update dated June 29, 2015 *

* Chapter has been modified via ordinance.