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Forms & Applications

Developer Deposit Program

Application Form

Developer Deposit
Development Review/
Construction Management Developer's Deposit Policy
Developer Deposit Development Review Form

Construction Management Developer Deposit Form
This form and associated fees are required for all projects in the City of New Berlin except Signs, Re-occupancies and Home Occupations.

Planning & Zoning Permits

Application Form


Conditional Use Development Permit Requires a Public Hearing and Plan Commission Approval.
Home Occupation Administrative Permit Use Approval for home-based businesses.
Land Division Subdivision/Land Division Land division is the process of creating or combining no more than 4 lots.  Requires a certified survey map (CSM) by a registered surveyor.
Re-occupancy Administrative Permit Required when a business moves into an existing tenant space and the general use does not change.
Rezoning Development Permit A proposed change from one zoning district to another.  Requires a Public Hearing and Plan Commission and Common Council Approval.
Rezoning - Planned Unit Development (PUD) Development Permit PUD follows the same process as a rezoning. A PUD modifies the underlying zoning district. Requires a Public Hearing and Plan Commission and Common Council Approval.
Sign Administrative Permit If the request does not meet the conditions in the sign code, Plan Commission approval is required.
Subdivisions Subdivision/Land Division Subdivision is the process of creating five or more lots.  Please contact Planning Services Staff if you are considering applying for a subdivision.
Temporary Use Permit Administrative Permit Temporary changes in use including outdoor sales and festivals.
Use Approval - No Construction Administrative Permit A change in the use of property without building modifications.
Use Approval - Building Construction
(20,000 sq.ft. or less)
Administrative Permit Commercial, industrial or multi-family buildings, alterations, and additions.
Use Approval - Building Construction 
(Over 20,000 sq.ft.)
Development Permit Commercial, industrial or multi-family buildings, alterations, and additions.  Requires Plan Commission Approval.
 Wetland Registration Wetland Registration Application All areas zoned C-2 (Shoreland Wetland Holding District) and areas identified as wetland on the DNR/SEWRPC Wetland Inventory Maps are subject to the wetland registration process.

For other permits and applications, see the Building Inspection and Engineering Departments. Please contact City Staff to check if a permit is required for a specific project or type of work.