Data Requests

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Data Available to the Public

The City of New Berlin has several GIS data sets available to the public for purchase. This data can only be viewed with specialized GIS software such as AutoCAD Map, Arcview, Arc/Info, or ArcReader. Data can be converted into other formats, but there is a charge for this service. To request data, please complete the GIS Data Request Form (PDF) or call the Community Development Department at 786-8610 and ask to speak to the GIS staff.

Most data used for base maps are available. Please see the order form for available data. Data will be in the following formats:

  • ArcView Map - All data, including text
  • Arcview Shapefile or Personal Geodatabse - Points, lines, polygons, no text
  • AutoCAD - Lines and text only
  • TIFF or MrSID for aerial photos (TIFFs take a lot of space and may not fit on CDs)


Data will be delivered on a CD or by email, if of a reasonable size. Fees are $35 per request or each CD, plus an hourly charge, if applicable. Data is available usually within one week, but it can take longer depending on staff workload. Larger requests take longer. Metadata is not available, and you cannot download the data. Data will be in the Wisconsin State Plane South 1927 - feet coordinate system.


There are many factors that affect the accuracy of the data. In general, maps are not survey accurate in position but are generally within a few feet. There are no restrictions to using data; however, you should use at your own risk, as these are not official maps.

Data Disclaimer

The information and depictions herein are for informational purposes and the City of New Berlin specifically disclaims accuracy in this reproduction and specifically admonishes and advises that any and all depictions, measurements, distances depicted herein and as to which specific or precise accuracy is required should be determined by procurement or certified maps, surveys, plats, Flood Insurance Studies, or other official means.