Road Construction & Maintenance

Pavement & Surface Evaluation Ratings

Every two years, the City of New Berlin is required to submit Pavement and Surface Evaluation Ratings (PASER) to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (DOT) that represent the physical condition of our roadways per state statute 86.302(2). The PASER rating the City uses rates each roadway segment on a scale from 1 to 10 (one being the worst and 10 being the best) by taking into consideration the surface distress, structure, roughness, and drainage. The information is used by the DOT to determine the city’s portion of state transportation aid and helps the City create the Five Year Rehabilitation Plan, and plan annual maintenance projects.

2022 Roadway Rehabilitation

In 2022 the City will be resurfacing approximately 5 miles of roadway. Also included in this project is the reconstruction of Casper Drive, and the reconstruction of the New Berlin Recycling Center Driveway. This project is expected to start in mid May, and is expected to be completed by late September. Work in any particular area of the project will most likely not span this entire time, and an area-specific schedule will be posted as it becomes available. The roadways within this project will remain open to local traffic at all times, but may be closed to through traffic. Please see the map below for roadways and parking lots affected by this project.

2022 Roadway Rehabilitation Overview Map

2022 Roadway Rehabilitation Detailed Schedule

TDS Telecom Fiber Optic System

TDS Telecom has begun applying for permits to construct a fiber optic infrastructure system within the City's Right of Way with construction starting in fall 2023. This system is anticipated to be constructed in roughly the eastern half of the City, from Calhoun Road east to 124th Street. As these permits are granted, TDS Telecom will construct their facilities. Being a utility, the City is required to allow TDS Telecom to install their infrastructure within the Right of Way with reasonable restrictions regarding proximity to other City infrastructure. For more information on this project, please visit:

Great Water Alliance - Waukesha Water

The City of Waukesha will be constructing a water supply pipeline and a return pipeline within the City of New Berlin. Construction will start in December 2020 with completion prior to December 2023. 

For more information, please see: Great Water Alliance New Berlin Information

Beloit Road Reconditioning Project - Milwaukee County

Milwaukee County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) will be reconditioning W. Beloit Road (CTH T) from S. 124th Street (CTH T) to  S. 108th Street (STH 100). The reconditioning project is expected to start in the Spring of 2022, and be completed in late Fall 2022. Questions regarding this project may be directed to or 414-257-5991.

For more information, please see: Beloit Road Reconditioning Project

I-43 Rock Freeway (Moorland Rd to Hale Interchange)

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) will be performing a perpetuation project on I-43 between Moorland Road and the Hale Interchange. This project is expected to start in early Spring 2022 and be completed by Fall 2022. Questions or comments regarding this project may be directed to:

Evan Limberatos, WisDOT Project Manager
(262) 548-8797

Dan Sellers, WisDOT Communications
(262) 548-6702

For more information please visit: I-43 Rock Freeway (Moorland Rd to Hale Interchange)

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