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The mission of the Clerk's Office is to ensure federal, state and local elections are conducted fairly, accurately, and with the highest level of professional election standards, accountability, security and integrity, intended to earn and maintain public confidence in the electoral process. Election integrity is of the utmost importance to the Clerk's Office.

City Clerk Contact Information
City Clerk: Rubina R. Medina
Deputy City Clerks: Sherri Hanson & Megan Godshall
City Clerk Administrative Specialists: Sarah Holtz & Joelle Erickson

The City Clerk's Office is located inside City Hall at: 3805 S. Casper Drive in New Berlin.
Normal Office Hours are 8am to 4:30pm, Monday - Friday.

Website: www.NewBerlin.org
Email: ClerksOffice@newberlinwi.gov
Phone: (262) 786-8610

2023 Election Dates2024 Election Dates
Spring Primary - February 21stSpring Primary - February 20th
Spring Election - April 4thSpring Election - April 2nd

Partisan Primary - August 13th

General Election - November 5th

*Polling locations are open from 7am to 8pm on Election Day

Election Types
Spring Primary Election - Nonpartisan primary held the third Tuesday in February to nominate candidates to be voted for  the spring election.
Spring Election -Held the first Tuesday in April for Court of Appeals Judge, Circuit Court Judge, County Nonpartisan Offices, Municipal Offices, School District Offices, and referenda (if necessary), and in Presidential years, to express preference for the person to be the presidential candidate for each party.  
Partisan Primary Election - Primary held the second Tuesday in August to nominate candidates to be voted for at the general election and referenda (if necessary).
General Election - Election held in even-numbered years on the Tuesday after the first Monday in November to elect the President of the United States (in Presidential years), United States Senator, Representatives in Congress, State Senator, Representatives to the Assembly, District Attorney, Count Partisan Offices and referenda (if necessary). 

Election Notice
Date Published or Posted
Notice of Public Test for Election        
Type A Notice - Notice of Election       
Type D Notice - Location and Hours of Polling Places
Type E Notice - Voting by Absentee Ballot
Type B Notice 

SVD Notices - Notice of SVD Visits to Assisted Living Facilities
SVD Notice - Nursing Home & Care Facility Schedule

Helpful Election Links
Information Related to the Link Provided
MyVote Wisconsin WebsiteClick the link to go to the MyVote Wisconsin website where you will be able to Register to Vote, Request an Absentee Ballot, Find your Polling Place, View a Sample Ballot, and much more.
Election ResultsClick the link provided to be directed to the Waukesha County Clerk's webpage where you can view election results.
Wisconsin Elections CommissionThe Wisconsin Elections Commission administers and enforces Wisconsin elections law, and is made up of six members.
Submit an open records requestEmail the City Clerk to submit your request
Register to Vote Online You must register to vote when you are a new voter, you move to a new residence (even if it's a different apartment number within the same building) and when you change your name.
Request to vote Absentee by Mail
Track your Absentee Ballot Online
Click the link provided to request an absentee ballot be mailed to you. You may also track your absentee ballot.
Find your Polling Location  Click the link provided to enter your address and view your assigned polling place. Your polling place is based on where you reside. 
View a Sample BallotClick the link provided to view a sample ballot. Your ballot and local election information are based on where you reside.
Find my Elected Officials  Click the link provided to enter your address and view a list of elected officials who represent you. Your elected officials are determined by your address. 
Military and Overseas VotersMilitary and Permanent Overseas voters have special rules and additional options for voting. If you are a military or overseas voter, you are eligible to receive your absentee ballot electronically, including online through the MyVote Wisconsin website. Click the link provided to then select if you are a military voter or a permanent overseas voter.
Find your Municipal Clerk If you reside in the City of New Berlin, your municipal clerk is Rubina R. Medina. If you do not reside in the City of New Berlin or want to check for a person that resides in a different municipality, click the link provided.
Request Voter Data  Requests for Voter data from the Wisconsin Voter Registration System.

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